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"Media literacy education provides a framework and a pedagogy for the new literacy needed for living, working and citizenship in the 21st century. Moreover it paves the way to master­ing the skills required for lifelong learning in a constantly changing world."
                                                                                                      Elizabeth Thoman and Tessa Jolls
                                                                                                      Media Literacy: A National Priority for a Changing World
Why Media Literacy is Important…
1. The influence of media in our central democratic processes.
2. The high rate of media consumption and the saturation of society by media.
3. The media’s influence on shaping perceptions, beliefs and attitudes.
4. The increasing importance of visual communication and information.
5. The importance of information in society and the need for lifelong learning.
                                                                                                      Len Masterman, Teaching the Media

Read more about media literacy and 21st century skills in the article by Media Literacy,  Literacy for the 21st Century.
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