Podcasting Basics

As an educator in the 21st century, an important skill to practice is digital citizenship. Although the availability of resources across the internet is vast, it does not mean that they are free to use. In many instances materials online are copyright protected, and if you read the fine print unlawful use could result in legal issues. When determining if an online resource is appropriate for use look for copyright free or open source software. Creative commons attributions also indicates that the material provided on the site is part of the common collective on the internet and free for use by others. However, be sure to read carefully as some Creative Commons Attributions list specific stipulations for reuse of the materials. In most cases it is simply a credit to the author.

Here are a few sites that provide copyright free music for use in the classroom:
NOTE: Most of these sites are intended for adult use only. In order to use any of the music content with students, it is recommended that you download the music to an appropriate space where students can access them (ie. Wikispace, website).

This is a great site to find various artists who are publishing music content under Creative Commons. You can learn about various artists, track their work and upload their music.

Navigating the site

Click on a 'find music' under the VISITORS header (left hand navigation bar)
Select from the various areas for music searches, including; editor's picks and remixes (suggested).
3.If you click on a link in the 'remixes' section, you will be brought to a database with those selected criteria (ie. instrumentals) and you will have access to a more sophisticated search.
By clicking on the Artists link you will have access to great information about the song, the license and reviews.

To download the music
1.If you wish to download the music, click on the 'download' link
Save the file to your desktop or a folder for future use!

Production Software

Audacity is an open source software download that allows users to record and edit sounds. It is available for all operating systems including Windows and Mac. Not only can your record sounds and edit them, you can also convert to different file types (wav., mp3) and change the pitch and speed of the recordings. It is a very user-friendly program with a great deal of versatility.

Downloading Audacity
1. Click on the following link Audacity Download page

Audacity Tutorials