Glogster in Education

B-7 Bobcats

Traci Blazosky, first grade teacher in Pennsylvania, uses Glogster for her classroom website. She embeds her glogs into her class wiki called B-7 Bobcats. In fact, her main page is a glog and many of her other pages are also glogs. This allows Traci to have a colorful, interactive, and attractive website for her first graders.

Neil Notes

Neil Stephenson, a 6th an 7th grade humanities teacher in Canada, had his students research bilingualism in their country's history. Students then summarized and expressed that information in glogs. Neil notes that his students were able to focus on collaboration skills and historical understanding because Glogster is super easy to learn how

Environmental Heroes

Seventh grade science classes studied the environment and created glogs about environmental heroes. A couple dozen glogs can be found on the Environmental Heroes wiki, including Jane Goodall, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ansel Adams

Poetry Project

Ninth grade language arts students participated in a Glogster poetry project. Their teacher, Jared Nichol, linked to each student's poetry on his Student Poetry Glogs page. You can read more about the project at Jared's Journey's in 2.0 Teaching blog.

Math Sites & Reading Practice

Primary school teacher Mrs. Norris uses glogs as ways to present links to her young students and their parents. Her Math Sites glog includes links to eight interactive math websites for kids. It includes a screenshot for each site to make the glog very visual. She also has a glog with sixteen links to sites for reading practice.

More Examples?