Comprehension Strategies

INTRODUCTIONS: Back channel conversation with Today's Meet -  

I. Coupling Instructional Strategies with Formative Assessments  

II. Comprehension strategies across the content areas         
a. Activating and Creating Schema
                FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: Webspiration,, Lovely 
b. Asking Questions
                                                 FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: SurveyGizmo, Quizlet, most school websites 
                                                                                                                                                                have quiz/polling features
c. Using Sensory and Emotional Images
     FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: picnik, wordle, bitstrips, create a graph            
d. Determining Importance
                                    FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: Awesome Highlighter, delicious, etherpad           
e. Synthesizing
                                                             FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: voicethread, prezi, aviary (myna audio editor)           
f.  Inferring
                                                                         FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: jitterbug           
e. Monitoring for Meaning
                                      FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL: online student portfolio wikispaces, glogster EDU

III. Providing Feedback