Assessment FOR Learning

Technological Considerations for using Podcasts in Education

Here are some resources for evaluating podcasts in the classroom:

1) A+ Podcast Rubric:

2) Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Rubrics for Multimedia Projects:
Digital Video Assignment and Rubric
Multimedia Presentation Rubric
Multimedia Project Rubric with Self-Evaluation
Podcast Rubric
Podcast Rubric 2
Podcast Rubric 3
Podcast Rubric for Higher Ed
Video Project Rubric 1
Video Project Rubric 2

3) Podcasting Rubric:

4) Ed-cast Rubric for Podcasting:

5) HotChalk Article - Podcast Rubric:

6) Book Review Podcast Rubric (Mac based):

7) NASA DIY Podcast - Article on Assessment:

8) Educational Origami Podcasting Rubric:

9) Coolee Kids Podcating Rubric:

10) Read-Write-Think "I believe this" Podcast Rubric:

11) Podcast Rubric Sheet:

12) Scholastic Podcast Rubric:

13) Elementary Podcast Rubric:

14) The Beanstock Lesson Review & Assessment: